Kaleidescape Brings Classic Content Back to Theaters: A Revolution in Luxury Home Entertainment and Cinema Business

Kaleidoscape Diversifies into Cinema Industry by Introducing New Library Service

Kaleidescape, a luxury home entertainment tech company renowned for its advanced movie players and servers that deliver studio content to homes, is now venturing into the cinema business. The company aims to make older titles more accessible in theaters and generate ancillary revenue opportunities for content owners and exhibitors by introducing an “on demand” service for library titles.

As the Chief Operating Officer of Kaleidescape, Priscilla Morgan believes that they have the potential to bring back classic content to the big screen, filling empty screens and allowing exhibitors to customize different themes for their customers on demand. Kaleidescape plans to sell its hardware to theater owners, provide encrypted content, and not take a cut of the revenue, ensuring that all earnings remain between the studio and the exhibitor.

Numerous theaters, including Alamo, Brenden, B&B Theatres, Cinema West, Classic Cinemas, Epic, Megaplex, and Star Cinema Grill are set to participate in a pilot program for this new service. While details of the major studio content provider remain undisclosed

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