Japanese Health Department Clarifies No License Issued for Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company’s Red Yeast Rice Product Linked to 5 Deaths

Japan: 5 Deaths Linked to Unlicensed Functional Foods from Vietnam

The Food Safety Department (Ministry of Health) in Japan has clarified that it did not issue a circulation license for Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company’s red yeast rice product, which has been linked to 5 deaths. A representative of the department stated that information about the company recalling several products after causing deaths and hospitalizations in Japan is false.

The department has not issued a certificate of registration or compliance for products like Beni-koji choleste-help, Naishi-help plus cholesterol, Natto-kinase sarasara-tsubu gold, and Kobayashi Naishi Help 30 from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company. These products were recalled by the company in March due to hospitalizations associated with their use. The department urged consumers not to buy or use these products and to report any sightings on the market to the authorities.

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare reported an increase in hospitalizations and deaths related to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company’s products, with 157 people hospitalized and 5 deaths by the end of March. The company found puberulic acid, a natural compound from green mold, in the production of Beni-koji, which can be toxic to users. Japanese officials are still investigating the case.

In other news, several unrelated websites and products were mentioned in the original content, but they do not appear to be directly related to the information about Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company’s product recall and the Food Safety Department’s response in Japan.

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