Israeli Defense Company Rafael Reports Record Sales and Significant Business Achievements in 2023

Sales record reported by Rafael raises defense concerns

Rafael, an Israeli state defense concern, has recently released its financial report for 2023, showing record sales of 14 billion shekels, a 21% increase from the previous year. The company’s order portfolio stands at 52 billion shekels, with 57% coming from foreign customers and 43% from the Israeli Ministry of Defense. In addition to its impressive financial performance, Rafael made significant strides in its business operations last year.

One of the company’s major deals in 2023 was the sale of the David’s Sling missile defense system to Finland for 1.3 billion shekels. Another significant achievement was the introduction of the world’s first interceptor missile for supersonic missiles, Sky Sonic. Additionally, Rafael made progress in developing the Shield of Light laser missile defense system.

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Overall, Rafael’s success in both financial performance and business operations demonstrates its commitment to excellence in all aspects of its work. As it continues to innovate and grow in the industry, Rafael is poised for continued success in years to come.

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