Israel Increases Purchase Tax on Smoking Products to Promote Health and Well-Being

The Knesset Approves: Warning Images of Smoking Damage to be Printed on Tobacco Products and Cigarettes

The finance minister recently signed a decree to increase the purchase tax on smoking products, leading to a rise in prices for items such as cigarettes, electronic cigarette filler, and rolling tobacco. This decision was made after a controversial discussion in the Knesset on a non-smoking day, where the importance of prevention was emphasized. The bill highlighted that a person’s illness can impact not only themselves but also their environment, family, and friends.

The increase in purchase tax also affected unprocessed tobacco, vaping tobacco, and tobacco heating devices, signaling a broader effort to discourage smoking in the country. This move aimed to address the impact of smoking on individuals and society as a whole and prioritize health and well-being. By implementing these measures, the government hopes to promote healthier habits and create a more supportive environment for all members of the community.

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