IRS Seeks Permanent Injunction Against Fraudulent Tax Preparer Golden Heart Tax Services

Legal action sought to stop Arizona tax business for committing fraud

In Arizona, the Justice Department has filed a request for a permanent injunction against Golden Heart Tax Services and its tax preparers for alleged fraudulent activity. The request aims to dismantle the business and prevent the defendants from owning or operating a tax preparation business or preparing tax returns. The complaint also seeks a court order for the defendants to return preparation fees earned by allegedly preparing fraudulent or false tax returns.

The defendants named in the injunction are Mayuen Ajak, Yier Deng, Bol Guot, Gabriel Kuot, and Golden Heart Tax Services LLC. The business is currently operating in Arizona, Texas, Missouri, and Nebraska, with its founding taking place in Texas in 2018.

According to the complaint, the defendants falsely prepared tax returns to increase customer refunds and profited through undisclosed preparation fees. They are alleged to have claimed false fuel, COVID-related, education, and earned income tax credits as well as fabricating business-related incomes. Many of their clients are immigrants who have little knowledge of US tax laws and are targeted by the defendants for their services.

The IRS estimates that approximately $10 million was lost due to the defendants’ alleged misconduct, resulting in underreported income or unpaid taxes. To help taxpayers avoid unethical tax preparers, the IRS has provided information on its website on how to select a reputable tax return preparer and offers a directory of approved providers. Be sure to follow @KTAR923 for updates and news. If you have a story idea or tip please reach out to KTAR News team

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