Iranian Presidential Elections: The Final List of Candidates and Those Disqualified from Participating

Iranian Presidential Candidates Revealed: Ahmadinejad and Larijani Fail to Meet Criteria

The Iranian Ministry of Internal Affairs has recently announced the final list of candidates for the presidency of the Islamic Republic who have met the necessary qualifications, according to a report by Tasnim. Among the candidates who made the final list are Speaker of Parliament Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Tehran Mayor Alireza Zakani, Security Council representative Said Jalili, Member of Parliament Masoud Pezeshkiyan, former Iranian prosecutor Mustafa Pourmohammadi, and Vice President Ghazizadeh Hashemi.

However, notable figures such as former speaker of parliament Ali Larijani and ex-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were not allowed to participate in the upcoming elections. Eight additional candidates who submitted documents were also disqualified from running for the presidency.

The elections are scheduled to take place on June 28, 2024, following the announcement of early presidential elections in Iran due to the tragic death of President Ebrahim Raisi in a plane crash on May 19.

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