Investors Pour Billions into France, Creating 10,000 New Jobs and Boosting the Economy

Macron’s Business Summit Attracts Record €15B in Foreign Investments for France – POLITICO

French President Emmanuel Macron announced today that France will see a new record in investments, with projections indicating that 10,000 new jobs will be created for French citizens. The major investors include technology giants Microsoft and Amazon, who are injecting billions of euros into the country. Microsoft is focusing on artificial intelligence, while Amazon is investing in data centers and warehouses for its operations.

In addition to these investments, Morgan Stanley is opening a new Paris office, which will serve as its European campus and create additional job opportunities in France. Other significant investments include a new plant by fertilizer producer FertigHy and commitments from pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and GSK. Switzerland’s KL1 and Germany’s Lilium are also contributing substantial amounts to projects in France.

Despite a decline in overall investment in the EU, France has seen an uptick in foreign direct investment, securing the most projects in 2023 according to an E&Y survey. However, the survey stressed that France must address issues such as competitiveness, social climate, and energy crisis to maintain its leadership in the long term.

To address these challenges and promote further investment in France, a summit will be held in Versailles later this year. Key business leaders from companies like ArcelorMittal, Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola, Envision will attend along with CEOs from China’s Fosun investment firm and sovereign wealth funds. Macron is set to have bilateral meetings with several CEOs and deliver a speech during a dinner at the Hall of Mirrors in the palace.

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