Innovative Therapies for Autism: The Brain Research Center’s Use of Technology

App and robot team up with Mozart sonata to enhance quality of life for children with autism

A team of researchers from the Brain Research Center at Universidad Veracruzana (UV) are using a web application, a robotic arm, and Mozart’s music to improve the lives of children with autism. The team is focused on using therapies and enriched environments before resorting to medication. Autism spectrum disorder is not curable, but individuals with autism have different brain connections, with an excess in some areas and a decrease in others.

The UV team has developed the Reading-Writing in Autism (LEA) web application, which is designed to stimulate reading and writing skills in individuals with autism. The application consists of eight sections that focus on different aspects and includes exercises of varying complexity to enhance skills. Additionally, the team has used controlled stimulation with Mozart’s Sonata for piano to reduce cardiorespiratory parameters associated with anxiety in children with autism.

Furthermore, the team has introduced a robot into a special classroom to increase attention spans in children with autism. By recording the children’s movements and analyzing their attention to the robot, the team observed an increase in attention time with periodic stimulation. The team is also working on stimulating facial muscles in individuals with autism to improve their expressions using a robotic arm. Researchers are conducting various studies to enhance the lives of individuals with autism through innovative tools and therapies.

The use of these innovative tools and therapies shows promise in improving the quality of life for individuals diagnosed with autism. However, it is important to note that while therapy can be effective, it may not be enough for everyone diagnosed with autism. It is essential for healthcare professionals to consider individual needs when developing treatment plans for people on the spectrum.

Overall, this research highlights how technology can be used to develop new treatments and therapies for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. With continued research and innovation, we can hope for better outcomes for those living on the spectrum.

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