Industrial Strikes in Finland: A Threat to Production and Investments

Nearly half of companies scaling back investments in Finland amid strikes – “Economy’s pillars shaken”

Large-scale industrial strikes in Finland have led to decreased production and reduced investments, according to a survey conducted by Teknologiateollisuus ry. Four out of ten companies reported that they were cutting back on their investments due to the strikes, with large companies being hit the hardest. Twenty percent of large companies said they would invest significantly less, while 32 percent stated they would invest slightly less.

Medium-sized companies also reported that the strikes had a minor impact on their investment decisions, although some had already transferred production abroad due to the strike. Logistics strikes have affected many industrial companies, with nearly a third reporting that they had to close or limit their production due to difficulties in obtaining production inputs and implementing exports. This has led to concerns about reputational damage among customers, who were affected by the strikes.

While labor disputes may not result in layoffs for all industrial companies, many expressed concern about foreign investment and workplace atmosphere. Despite government efforts to limit political strikes to 24 hours through new legislation, the impact on companies’ investment decisions remains uncertain. Industry representatives emphasized at a press conference the far-reaching effects of the strikes and raised concerns about moving production abroad or investing in other countries.

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