iDigital’s Flagship Stores Offer Unmatched Personalized Assistance for Apple Customers

iDigital network introduces “APP: The future of retail”

In iDigital’s flagship stores, customers will receive personalized assistance from representatives who will guide them through their experience. The company offers expert support tailored to individual needs, including precise product adjustments, technical advice, and access to laboratory services and product repairs by skilled technicians within 48 hours. Additionally, the new APP branch in Israel provides a more immersive experience for customers with Apple products, offering dedicated spaces for exploring a variety of products and accessories.

iDigital experts will assist customers in finding the right products for their needs, transferring data from old devices, providing guidance on product usage, and recommending complementary accessories for optimal use. Group training sessions and demonstrations led by iDigital experts on various Apple device-related topics and new features are also available. Doron Sela, CEO of iCon Group and iDigital, expressed pride in the partnership with Apple and the launch of the APP format in Israel. This initiative aims to make Apple products and services more accessible to customers in Israel and strengthen the relationship between iDigital and Apple enthusiasts.

The company is also undergoing a digital transformation to enhance the customer experience with a focus on projects such as a partnership with Shopify to launch an advanced digital commerce platform in early 2025. Overall, iDigital’s flagship stores offer a unique personalized experience for customers with expert guidance, technical support, access to laboratory services, group training sessions

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