Houston Drops in Rankings but Remains a Top Destination for Life Sciences Industry

Houston’s workforce in life sciences receives recognition as one of the top cities

In the latest report by CommercialCafe, Houston was ranked 13th out of the top 25 United States metros for life science. The study considered several factors such as the volume of life science patents, number of establishments, size of workforce, educational institutions, and office market. Houston stood out in several metrics, including being home to the world’s largest medical center and having the 10th largest workforce with over 5,100 industry-related workers.

However, despite these positive metrics, Houston’s ranking dropped compared to the previous year where it made the top 10 list. Interestingly, Houston was not the top-ranking city in Texas as Dallas claimed the 11th spot with a strong talent pool. Additionally, Austin also made it to the list at number 22. CBRE, which also ranks life science markets, placed Houston at number 13 in their 2023 report consistent with CommercialCafe’s findings. Despite this drop in ranking compared to last year’s report from CBRE had Houston outperformed both Dallas and Austin in their ranking.

Overall, Houston’s performance highlights its strength in life sciences industry and continues to attract new talent and investment due to its unique combination of resources and infrastructure that make it an ideal location for research and development in this field.

In conclusion, Houston has been ranked lucky number 13 out of the top 25 United States metros for life science by CommercialCafe. Despite dropping from its position on the top ten list from last year’s report by CBRE; Houston has still shown remarkable strengths that make it an ideal location for companies looking to invest in this field. With its world-class medical center and large workforce among other factors that set it apart from other cities on this list; it is clear that Houston will continue to be a key player in the life sciences industry for years to come.

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