Helping the Future Generation: St. Michael’s Primary Celebrates Science, Engineering, and Technology Workshops with DXC Technology

Port Glasgow school students and their parents come together to celebrate the wonders of science

St Michael’s Primary recently celebrated its love for science, engineering, and technology with parents. The primary five class had the opportunity to work closely with Glasgow-based DXC Technology in workshops focused on teaching them important ‘meta’ skills for the future.

The students were excited to share their experiences with their parents and showcase the program they were a part of. Head teacher Colette Wallace expressed her excitement about the project and the positive impact it had on the primary five students. She highlighted the valuable skills and knowledge they gained while having fun in the process.

During the celebration, the students delivered a presentation to explain what they had learned during the project. Parents were invited to visit various workstations that represented the skills the students had acquired. The activities ranged from board games and coding to engineering workshops, offering a hands-on experience for everyone involved.

Participants like Holly Stanton and Elody Rodgers shared their enthusiasm for the project, with Holly mentioning how creating games on the computer was a highlight for her. DXC Technology’s Michelle Muirhead played a key role in leading the project and organizing the workshops, emphasizing the importance of exposing students to STEM opportunities and helping them develop essential meta skills for the future.

This project aligns with Inverclyde’s focus on delivering a STEM program, with digital academies being held in the area’s secondary schools. Overall, this collaboration between St Michael’s Primary School and DXC Technology has provided an engaging learning experience for young minds while also equipping them with valuable skills that will serve them well in their future careers.

The primary five class at St Michael’s Primary School worked closely with DXC Technology in workshops focused on teaching them important ‘meta’ skills for

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