Health Catalyst Acquires Carevive Systems: Enhancing Oncology Care through Data and Analytics

Carevive Acquired by Health Catalyst

Health Catalyst, Inc. (Nasdaq: HCAT) has recently acquired Carevive Systems, a Boston-based health technology company that specializes in oncology care. Although the specifics of the deal have not been disclosed, this acquisition will allow Health Catalyst to enhance its support for care and process improvement in oncology. Additionally, it will provide valuable new insights into patient-reported outcomes and oncology registry data.

Carevive Systems offers a flagship platform that leverages data in routine clinical practice for various purposes such as treatment care planning, clinical trial screening, care coordination, remote patient monitoring, and post-treatment care. With this acquisition, Health Catalyst gains access to new technologies and expertise that will enable it to better serve its customers in the oncology market.

Health Catalyst is a Salt Lake City-based provider of data and analytics technology and services for healthcare organizations led by CEO Dan Burton. The company aims to drive substantial, measurable improvements in healthcare by utilizing a cloud-based data platform, analytics software, and professional services expertise. With access to data from over 100 million patient records, Health Catalyst helps its customers make data-informed decisions that lead to tangible clinical, financial, and operational enhancements.

This acquisition represents a significant step forward for Health Catalyst in their mission to revolutionize healthcare through data and analytics technology. By combining Carevive’s expertise with their own technologies and services, they can create even more powerful solutions for their clients in the oncology market.

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