Hard Knocks” Returns in 2024 with New Format and Rules: Four Teams in One Division to Minimize Disruption

NFL owners greenlight major alterations to Hard Knocks: Up to five teams may be showcased annually

The NFL’s “Hard Knocks” is set to make a comeback in 2024 with new changes after the league’s owners approved several new rules for the show. According to CBS Sports lead NFL insider Jonathan Jones, the in-season version of “Hard Knocks” will now feature four teams within one division. This change aims to minimize disruption for individual teams during the regular season and ensure no team gains a competitive advantage.

While it is yet to be announced which division will be featured in the 2024 season, given that the Dolphins and Cardinals have participated in recent years, it is unlikely they will be chosen again so soon. Additionally, the preseason version of “Hard Knocks” will continue to feature one team. New rules have been implemented regarding which teams are eligible to be on the show, including exemptions for teams with first-year head coaches, teams participating in the upcoming in-season show, and teams that have appeared on “Hard Knocks” within the past eight years.

Under the previous rules, teams that had made the playoffs in the past two seasons or appeared on “Hard Knocks” within the past 10 years could decline participation. However, these rules have been revised to increase the pool of eligible teams. The NFL has not disclosed the lineup for

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