Google Updates Incognito Mode Disclaimer and Deletes Millions of User Data: Enhancing User Privacy in Browsing

Millions of browsing data collected in Chrome’s incognito mode will be deleted by Google

In December of last year, Google reached an agreement with the plaintiffs who had filed a class action lawsuit against the company in 2020. The lawsuit claimed that Google Chrome’s Incognito mode was not as private as it should be, and that user activity was being tracked even when Incognito mode was activated. As part of the agreement, Google updated its disclaimer for Incognito mode to clarify that websites visited can collect data and track online activity.

In addition to updating its disclaimer, Google has now announced plans to delete browsing history information for millions of users. This decision comes after the lawsuit filed by Google Chrome users who claimed that the private browsing mode did not provide enough privacy. They reported that their device data and IP addresses were being collected even when they used Incognito mode.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google will now delete “billions” of improperly collected browsing data from Incognito mode as part of the agreement. Furthermore, the company has committed to blocking third-party cookies in its browser by default for the next five years. This move is expected to enhance user privacy and security while browsing online.

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