Global Call to Action: Implementing Essential Long-Term Care Interventions for Universal Health Coverage

All-Inclusive Health Coverage Package: Ensuring Healthcare for All

This article presents a list of long-term care (LTC) interventions that can be implemented in all countries to improve their LTC systems and services towards universal health coverage (UHC). These interventions can be prioritized and integrated within the health and social care sectors, depending on the specific context of each country. The package of interventions is intended to be implemented in alignment with overall plans to design, establish, and expand formal, integrated LTC systems and services towards UHC.

The primary audience for this article are governments and policy-makers responsible for planning and implementing LTC service provision at the national or subnational level. It offers guidance on how to anticipate and incorporate essential LTC interventions that can be tailored to meet local needs and resources. It should be noted that this package is not a clinical guideline for LTC service providers in their daily practice, nor is it a manual, standard operating procedures, or specific steps.

In conclusion, this article serves as a resource for countries looking to improve their LTC systems and services in line with UHC goals. It provides a framework for integrating essential interventions that can be adapted to meet the unique needs and resources of each country. By implementing these interventions, governments can ensure that their citizens have access to quality LTC services that are affordable, accessible, and comprehensive.

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