Global AI Safety Partnership: US and UK Join Forces to Tackle National Security Concerns and Societal Issues

US and UK formalize partnership on safety of artificial intelligence | Technology

The United States and Britain have announced a new partnership to focus on the science of artificial intelligence (AI) safety. This collaboration comes amid rising concerns about upcoming next-generation versions of AI, which have raised both excitement and fears about their impact on society.

The partnership aims to accelerate the work of both institutes across various aspects to address national security concerns and societal issues. Gina Raimondo, the US commerce secretary, and Michelle Donelan, the British technology secretary, signed a memorandum of understanding in Washington to work together on advanced AI model testing. These commitments were initially made at an AI safety summit held in Bletchley Park in November.

In efforts to reduce the risks associated with AI, the Biden administration signed an executive order in October while the commerce department proposed regulations for US cloud companies regarding the training of AI models in January. Meanwhile, Britain has pledged over £100 million to launch new research hubs and educate AI regulators on the technology.

The formal agreement includes plans for joint testing exercises on publicly accessible models and potential personnel exchanges between the institutes of both countries. Additionally, the US and Britain are looking to establish similar partnerships with other nations to promote AI safety worldwide.

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