From the Border to the Battlefield: The Inspiring Story of WCK Volunteer Sobó’s Humanitarian Efforts During the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The seven victims of Israel’s attack on WCK were passionate and dedicated to humanitarian aid

In 2022, Sobó joined WCK as a translator during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He was from Przemysl, the first town on the Polish side of the border with Ukraine. As hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians fled the war, he joined WCK’s Spanish chef NGO as an emergency aid coordinator and later set up emergency kitchens and managed logistics in various cities across Ukraine, including Kyiv, Lviv, Bucha, and Kharkiv.

Sobó was known for his empathy and optimism even in challenging situations. Despite his plans to buy an apartment in Warsaw and marry his Ukrainian girlfriend, they had not yet set a date due to his ongoing work.

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Those who knew Sobó remember him for his commitment to helping others during difficult times. He continued working with WCK even after setting up emergency kitchens and managing logistics across Ukraine.

As someone who grew up near Poland’s border with Ukraine during World War II II, Sobó understood firsthand how important it was to help those affected by war and conflict. He worked tirelessly alongside volunteers from around the world to provide food aid and support to refugees fleeing from Russia’s invasion.

Despite facing significant risks while working directly with refugees in Gaza itself, Sobó remained committed to making a difference in people’s lives.

Sobó’s legacy continues today through organizations like WCK that continue working towards creating peace and stability through food aid efforts.

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