From Local to State: Smithtown Students Make a Splash in Science Congress with Microplastics Research”.

Smithtown High School West Students in Science Research Shine at State Competition

Smithtown High School West juniors Nicole Gullason and Natasha Mishra have recently been recognized for their outstanding work in the field of science. The students were awarded High Honors at the New York State Science Congress for their project on the “Links between microplastics and harmful algal blooms.” This achievement comes after they had already won top honors at the Long Island Science Congress.

The Smithtown School District is proud to announce that Gullason and Mishra were mentored by Smithtown Science Research Coordinator Joanne Figueiredo for the past two years. Figueiredo praised the students’ dedication to scientific inquiry and problem-solving, as well as their use of their passion and brilliance to address real-world issues. She also highlighted the success of the students as a testament to the amazing work being done by science research students in the district.

The New York State Science Congress was held in Syracuse, where Gullason and Mishra were honored for their innovative and impactful project. Their research on the connection between microplastics and harmful algal blooms sheds light on an important environmental issue, impressing judges with their dedication to scientific inquiry and problem-solving.

Overall, Gullason and Mishra’s success at both local and state levels is a testament to their hard work, creativity, and commitment to making a positive impact through scientific research. Their accomplishments have brought pride not only to Smithtown High School West but also to the entire school district.

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