Framestore Company 3 Group Appoints Lincoln Wallen as Group Chief Technology Officer: Focusing on Strategic Partnerships and Innovation

Lincoln Wallen Joins Framestore Company 3 as Chief Technology Officer

Framestore Company 3 Group (FC3) has appointed Lincoln Wallen as its new group chief technology officer. FC3 is renowned for its color grading work on animated and live-action projects such as “Deadpool” and “Wolverine,” “Wicked,” “Transformers: One,” and “Despicable Me,” with the last two being showcased at the Annecy Animation Festival. In his new role, Wallen will focus on building strategic partnerships in various sectors and strengthening existing relationships with studios, institutions, and brands. He will collaborate closely with Framestore CEO Mel Sullivan and Company 3 Group CEO Stefan Sonnenfeld to leverage their properties effectively.

Lincoln Wallen expressed his excitement about joining Framestore Company 3 Group, a market leader in film, TV, advertising, and immersive experiences. In a statement, he emphasized the company’s technological prowess, dedication to creative artists, and commitment to innovation that will enable them to utilize machine learning and silicon power to improve the creative process, media industry, and consumer experience. With a PhD in artificial intelligence from the University of Edinburgh, Wallen previously served as CTO at Improbable, a U.K.-based software firm specializing in technology for simulations in games, defense, and virtual worlds.

FC3 Chairman William Sargent praised the appointment of Lincoln Wallen, highlighting his alignment with the company’s vision and goals during a pivotal time in the industry. Sargent emphasized the need for strategic thinking in adapting to evolving technology trends and ensuring business growth through compelling storytelling. Wallen’s expertise will be instrumental in forming new partnerships and navigating technological advancements for FC3, its partners, and clients.

Framestore Company 3 Group is well-known for its technical expertise in color grading on various projects such as “Deadpool” and “Wolverine,” “Wicked,” “Transformers: One,” “Despicable Me,” among others.

In his new role as group chief technology officer at FC3 Group 3., Lincoln Wallen will focus on creating strategic partnerships across different sectors while strengthening existing relationships with studios institutions brands.

With an impressive background including a PhD from the University of Edinburgh’s Artificial Intelligence program & previous experience serving as CTO at Improbable -a software firm that focuses on technology for simulations-Wallon brings valuable skills & expertise to FC3 group.

FC3 chairman William Sargent acknowledged this by praising Wallon’s alignment with FC3’s vision & goals during a critical time in the industry while also highlighting how it’s crucial to have strategic thinking when dealing with evolving technology trends & maintaining business growth through compelling storytelling.

Overall Wallon’s appointment will be vital to FC3’s success as he leverages his knowledge of machine learning & silicon power alongside CEO Mel Sullivan & Stefan Sonnenfeld to improve creative processes within media industries while enhancing consumer experiences

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