Former Judge Fined for Insulting Comments about Political Figure on Facebook

Ex-judge fined for calling Robert Habeck a “complete idiot”

In Reutlingen, a former judge named Werner Heinrich, 79, was fined by the district court for posting insulting lyrics about Economics Minister Robert Habeck, 54, on Facebook. The post called Habeck an idiot and compared him to dog feces, urging him to “fuck off.” Habeck filed a criminal complaint against Heinrich.

In his defense, Heinrich argued that he only intended the term “idiot” in its literal sense of “incompetent,” and that it was his right to express his opinion. He criticized the Greens and their political actions, stating that they had caused everything to go downhill since taking office.

The prosecutor contended that Heinrich’s post crossed the line of malicious contempt and constituted an insult against a public figure. The court agreed and sentenced him to a fine of 7,800 euros for the offense. Another post equating foreigners with “scum” was also taken into account, although Heinrich denied writing it.

Heinrich plans to appeal the judgment. The court emphasized that while political opinions are allowed, insults and foul language against public figures are not acceptable. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining respectful discourse in political debate.

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