Finding Freedom: How the Focused Ultrasound Procedure Revolutionizes Treatment for Essential Tremors

Indy Man Successfully Returns to Fishing After Procedure at IU Health

Rick Brandes has struggled with essential tremors for three decades, causing significant embarrassment and hindering his confidence. This genetic disorder leads to uncontrollable shaking in specific body parts or muscle groups, making it difficult for individuals to live a normal life.

Brandes shared that the condition had a significant impact on his dating life and even prevented him from pursuing his passion for fishing due to his inability to tie a hook. However, he found hope when Dr. Thomas Whitt at IU Health introduced the Focused Ultrasound procedure to Indianapolis in August 2023.

Dr. Whitt explained that this innovative procedure aims to destroy the cells causing tremors without the need for incisions or drilling holes in the head. Patients undergo the procedure under local anesthesia, using a metal frame to guide ultrasound waves with minimal side effects.

For Brandes, the procedure resulted in some numbness around his mouth, but the positive outcome far outweighed any temporary discomfort. He expressed feeling like a different person after the treatment and is now looking forward to fishing without tremors for the first time in years. Brandes is eager to get back on the water and enjoy his favorite hobby without the limitations imposed by essential tremors.

The Focused Ultrasound procedure has shown promising results in treating essential tremors, offering hope for individuals like Brandes who suffer from this debilitating condition.

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