Final Farewell: Israeli Consumer Cooperative Distributing Last Remnants of 23 Million Shekel Fund

Fifteen Thousand Members to Share Remainder After Liquidation of Israel’s Largest Cooperative

In 1950, the largest consumer cooperative in Israel’s history was established in Jerusalem. After years of successful operation, the cooperative is now coming to an end. Over the past five years, all debts have been repaid and the cooperative’s coffers now hold a substantial amount of 23 million shekels.

This remaining sum will be divided equally among all 15,403 members of the cooperative, with a 15% tax deduction. The distribution process will begin on March 26th when members can visit any Israel Post office, present their necessary documents and receive approximately 1,400 shekels (gross) from the remaining funds after liquidation and debt repayment.

Members who require additional information or have questions can contact Coop Israel’s hotline at 03-6555700 for clarity on this matter.

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