Fed Chair Jerome Powell to Speak at Stanford Forum: Will He Deliver on Rate Cuts and Avoid Stock Market Bubble Risk?

Live Stream: Fed Chair Powell Addresses Stanford Policy Conference Economic Forum

The Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell is set to speak at the Stanford Business, Government and Society forum on Wednesday. He will be delivering prepared remarks followed by a question-and-answer session with a moderator. During the last Fed meeting, interest rates were left unchanged and Powell hinted at the possibility of a rate cut later in the year. However, he stressed the importance of waiting for more evidence that inflation is on track to reach the Fed’s 2% goal before making any decisions.

Since then, other Fed officials have suggested that there may be rate cuts in the future, but the timing remains uncertain. Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic mentioned that there could be one rate cut later this year. Meanwhile, other members of the Federal Open Market Committee have suggested up to three rate cuts.

Market expectations suggest that the Fed may initiate easing measures in June or July, with a total of three rate cuts anticipated by the end of 2024. Some experts like Steve Eisman have advised against rate cuts, warning of potential risks such as creating a stock market bubble. For more updates on this topic, subscribe to CNBC on YouTube.

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