Fearless, Mad, and Balanced: A Look at Raúl González, CEO of Barceló Hotel Group

Raúl González (Barceló) is known for his ability to sleep effortlessly, even while on his feet

Raúl González is the CEO of Barceló Hotel Group, the second-largest Spanish hotel chain by number of rooms. Born in Guardo (Palencia) in 1961, he admits that the place was strange, but it led him to believe he was destined for a career in tourism. Growing up and living in Bilbao until his work with the hotel company led him to reside in Palma de Mallorca, González has faced challenges in the industry but enjoys taking risks to stay ahead. He emphasizes the importance of being fearless and a bit mad to succeed in business.

González’s love for traveling and meeting new people is evident when he talks about his travel habits. He takes around 200 flights per year, believing that it is crucial for staying connected with his team members and maintaining a personal touch with hotels under his supervision. Although excessive travel can be exhausting, González finds joy in exploring new places and experiencing different cultures.

Looking back on his career, González notes that as responsibilities increased, he shifted focus from economics to fostering personal relationships. He values understanding and connecting with people at all levels of their roles, from team members to hotel owners. Despite the changing dynamics of his job, González remains grateful for seeing his team members grow and excel.

Apart from work, González enjoys sports like paddle tennis and tennis, reading books, and spending time with his family. However, maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be challenging due to long hours spent working every day. To ensure quality time with family without distractions, Gonzales strives to create boundaries between work and personal life.

When discussing stress management strategies, González emphasizes temperance and respectful communication as essential tools for managing tensions impacting those around him. He acknowledges that maintaining a friendly demeanor can be challenging during high-pressure situations but believes that it is crucial for building strong relationships within teams.

Moreover, Gonzalez highlights self-reflection as an essential tool for decision-making. Doubt can be valuable in ensuring continuous improvement by promoting critical thinking about one’s decisions and their potential consequences.

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