Fat Joe Celebrates World Autism Awareness Day by Sharing Heartfelt Tribute to his Son Joey.

Fat Joe celebrates his son Joey on World Autism Awareness Day at 33 years old

On World Autism Awareness Day, rapper Fat Joe took to Instagram to celebrate his son Joey with a heartfelt post. In the photo, he is resting his chin on his head and looking off into the distance while holding Joey’s hand. The proud father has three kids with his wife Lorena, including sons Joey and Ryan, and daughter Azariah.

Joey turned 33 this year, and in another birthday post, Fat Joe shared photos of them holding oversized tennis balls. He expressed how much he loves his firstborn son and called him the biggest blessing in the world. During an appearance on The View to promote his memoir, Fat Joe shared a story about Joey and how he has inspired him throughout their lives. He compared Joey to an angel who brought joy and happiness to their family. Fat Joe highlighted the importance of transparency and embracing both successes and failures while expressing pride in Joey’s accomplishments.

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