Exploring the Exciting World of Research at McGill University: A Closer Look at Soup & Science

Mixing Science and Soup: McGill University’s Bowlful of Research Goodness | Channels

Students at McGill University recently had the chance to attend the 37th edition of Soup & Science, a week-long event that takes place once every semester. This event showcases research taking place on campus and provides students with an opportunity to learn about various topics across disciplines. From quantum meta-photonics to optogenetic stimulation in roundworms, students were able to engage with these topics in an intimate setting.

Taking place at the SSMU Building, the event featured three to four faculty speakers and one or two student speakers who presented their projects in short, four to five-minute segments. This series is popular among students as it provides a broad overview of research opportunities available at McGill, including undergraduate research awards, as well as current research being conducted at the University.

Overall, Soup & Science offers students a unique opportunity to learn about the exciting research happening on campus and explore potential research opportunities available to them.

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