EU Commission Appointment: Fairness, Rivalry, and Transparency in Choosing SME Envoy

Von der Leyen receives internal backlash for choice of business envoy – POLITICO

Pieper’s appointment as the European Commission’s Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) envoy has sparked concerns about the fairness and impartiality of the selection process. The four commissioners involved in choosing Pieper are known to be rivals of von der Leyen’s European People’s Party, adding tension to the already heated political landscape before the upcoming European election.

Breton and Schmit have managed to keep their criticisms of von der Leyen private, but Breton has publicly spoken out against her in the past. The political rivalry between the commissioners is reflective of the broader political climate in the European Union.

Czech Renew lawmaker Martina Dlabajová, one of the candidates who scored higher than Pieper, has lodged a complaint with the Commission regarding the procedure. A group of lawmakers from various political parties have also expressed concerns and submitted questions to the Commission seeking clarification about why Pieper was chosen over candidates who scored higher.

The involvement of political rivalries within the selection process has raised questions about whether transparency was maintained throughout it and if there were any biases involved in making this decision. The ongoing scrutiny of Pieper’s appointment underscores how complex it can be to ensure an impartial and transparent selection process for key positions within the European Union.

In response to these concerns, a letter sent by unnamed sources requested that a discussion on this matter be held at an upcoming College meeting. While there is no clear indication on who sent this letter, it suggests that there may be more to come regarding this issue.

Overall, while Pieper’s appointment as SME envoy was seen as a significant development for small businesses across Europe, it is clear that there were underlying tensions and potential biases involved in making this decision. As such, it will be important for both those within and outside of government to continue pushing for greater transparency and accountability when it comes to appointing key officials within the European Union.

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