Elderly American Woman Killed by Elephant during Car Safari in Zambia – Shocking Images Circulate on Social Media

80-year-old American tourist killed in elephant attack while on safari

An American woman, 80 years old, was tragically killed by an elephant during a car safari in Zambia last weekend. The woman and five other tourists were being guided through the Kafue National Park when the elephant, which had strayed from its herd, began chasing them. One of the tourists managed to capture the chase on film before the driver was forced to stop the vehicle due to a road block caused by vegetation.

The elephant managed to tip over the vehicle with its tusks, resulting in the death of the elderly woman and serious injuries to another tourist who required evacuation to a hospital in South Africa. The other tourists sustained minor injuries and are currently receiving trauma counseling.

The CEO of the safari company expressed their deepest condolences to the deceased woman’s family and provided support to those involved in the incident. The shocking images of the incident have been circulating on social media, causing widespread concern among travelers.

The safari company is committed to investigating the incident further and taking steps to prevent similar occurrences in the future, ensuring the safety of all tourists on their tours.

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