Eerie Discovery: Chef Sharrah’s Prosopometamorphopsia Shocks and Inspires

The Bizarre Visual Disorder of Prosopometamorphopsia: Living in a Prolonged Nightmare

Chef Victor Sharrah woke up one morning to a shocking discovery: his roommate had pointy ears, giant eyes, and a slanted mouth that extended to the edges of his face. Fearing for his sanity, Sharrah took his dog for a walk but was met with equally strange and twisted faces from the people he passed on the street. He felt like he had entered a demonic world and began to panic, even considering being admitted to a psychiatric unit.

After consulting with experts, Sharrah learned that he was not losing his mind but rather suffering from a rare vision condition called prosopometamorphopsia, or PMO. People with this condition see distorted faces in various ways; while Sharrah saw demons, others may see elves or faces that constantly moved. Despite experiencing PMO for over three years, Sharrah’s condition was unique in that faces on flat screens appeared normal to him. Researchers at Dartmouth College have created photorealistic images to depict how individuals with PMO perceive distorted faces. The exact cause of prosopometamorphopsia remains unknown but is believed to be a symptom rather than a disorder with multiple potential causes.

Sharrah found relief in learning about PMO through an online support group and now wears glasses with a green tint to alleviate the severity of the distortions. While he has largely adapted to his strange new world, crowded places can still be overwhelming with “demons” surrounding him. Many individuals with PMO face a difficult decision on whether to tell others about their distorted perceptions; some choose to remain silent out of fear of being perceived as crazy. However, Sharrah shared his experience to help others with PMO avoid unnecessary hospitalizations for psychosis and raise awareness about this condition. By doing so, he hopes to prevent others from experiencing the trauma he went through and encourage them to seek help if needed.

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