EDF Renegotiates Energy Contracts with Small and Medium-Sized Companies at Request of Minister of Energy

EDF to renegotiate contracts for companies facing “unfairly high” electricity prices

In response to the call from Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Energy, EDF has agreed to renegotiate contracts with small and medium-sized companies that were signed at exorbitant prices during the energy crisis. The group is dedicated to working with VSEs, SMEs, and ETIs to address pricing concerns and ease the financial burden on these businesses. This move comes after Le Maire’s first executive committee meeting since the nationalization of EDF in June 2023.

Professional organizations such as the Confederation of French Traders (CDF) have been advocating for electricity price renegotiations, which they view as unfairly high. The CDF represents various independent traders and emphasizes the disparity between current prices charged by electricity suppliers compared to market rates faced by small businesses in city centers. Despite a decrease in energy costs, suppliers have refused to adjust their prices, creating financial strain on these companies.

A survey conducted by professional unions revealed that many businesses remain tied to energy supply contracts with significantly higher prices than current market rates. This increase in electricity prices in February only intensified the financial burden on small businesses. To address these pricing concerns and ease financial strain on small companies, Le Maire has also called on EDF to allocate resources towards constructing new nuclear reactors while adhering to set costs and deadlines. He highlighted the importance of this project in meeting government energy priorities.

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