Don Hankey, Wealthy Businessman and Trump Supporter, Steps in with $1.6 Million Loan Following Conviction in Fraud Trial

Don Hankey: The Man Behind Donald Trump’s Bail Bond

The possibility of Donald Trump needing to declare bankruptcy following his conviction in a fraud trial has been the subject of much speculation. However, wealthy businessman Don Hankey stepped in to lend a helping hand. The entrepreneur deemed it a good deal to support Trump, despite his immense wealth and political leanings.

Hankey is known for his success as a young man when he took over his father’s car dealership business. He later expanded by providing loans to individuals who couldn’t afford cars but desired them, leading to concerns with consumer protection agencies. This led to the establishment of the Hankey Group, a corporate structure with an estimated $23.4 billion in assets, involved in credit, real estate, insurance, and banking.

Despite remaining out of the political spotlight for most of his career, Hankey has publicly supported various politicians and made donations to political campaigns. However, he does not publicly endorse Trump or other politicians. Despite this, Hankey came to Trump’s aid by providing him with a significant amount of money to post bail after his fraud conviction was confirmed by court approval of the bond.

Following court approval of the bond, Hankey stated that he deposited the money in cash and backed it up with other guarantees. He expressed frustration at Trump’s conviction while defending his actions by suggesting that inflating assets was common practice in the real estate industry. Hankey emphasized that business operations remain intact despite legal challenges faced by Trump.

Trump faced accusations of commercial fraud for manipulating property values to secure loans and other benefits from state governments and financial institutions. The court ordered him to pay $464 million in ill-gotten gains to the state of New York following his conviction on charges related to this case.

Hankey’s involvement in providing financial support to Trump during previous controversies indicates a pattern of standing by the former president through thick and thin.

In 2022, Axos Bank reportedly provided a $225 million loan to the Trump Organization following termination agreements with previous lenders due to Trump’s involvement in the Capitol insurrection.

While this decision was not politically motivated, it underscores Hankey’s willingness to support Trump for financial gain.

Overall, Don Hankey’s support for Donald Trump highlights their shared history and mutual interests while raising questions about how far they are willing

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