Discover the Fascinating World of Science at Connecticut Science Center This Spring Break

At the Connecticut Science Center, learning and fun are intertwined

The Connecticut Science Center is an excellent destination for families looking for an educational and fun experience this spring break. Located in Downtown Hartford, this center offers four floors of exhibits that cater to everyone’s interests, from biology and health care to engineering and a new exhibit on science fiction and technology.

One of the most exciting exhibits at the center is the forensics lab, where visitors can learn about genetics and other fascinating topics. The center also hosts special events such as the April 8 Solar Eclipse viewing on their plaza. Due to space limitations, it’s essential to secure your advance tickets in advance to reserve your spot for this exciting event.

The Connecticut Science Center provides hands-on exhibits and interactive learning experiences that are perfect for both science enthusiasts and those looking for a fun day out with the family. Whether you’re interested in science or just looking for something different, this must-visit spot is sure to be a hit this spring break.

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