Digihost Technology Surges with New Strategic Partnership to Expand Bitcoin Mining Capacity

Digihost Technology increases its Bitcoin mining operations with expansion (NASDAQ: DGHI)

Digihost Technology (NASDAQ: DGHI) recently announced a strategic partnership that will help the company expand its mining operations and increase its Bitcoin mining capacity. The deal involves integrating 11,000 S21 miners into Digihost’s facilities. As part of the agreement, the company will receive 60% of the daily Bitcoin mining rewards generated by these miners in exchange for providing the necessary capacity and electrical infrastructure support.

The deployment of the S21 miners will occur in phases, with an anticipated hash rate increase of 1.2 EH/s. By the end of Q3 2024, Digihost aims to reach a total hash rate of 3.2 EH/s. This strategic partnership is expected to help Digihost Technology strengthen its position in the cryptocurrency mining industry and capitalize on the growing demand for Bitcoin mining services.

Overall, this partnership signifies a significant milestone for Digihost Technology as it continues to grow and expand its operations in the cryptocurrency mining space. With its newfound expertise and resources, the company is well-positioned to take advantage of new opportunities and continue to drive innovation in the industry.

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