Communication for Health in the Digital Age: The Effective Planning, Execution and Assessment of Strategic Interventions through C4H

Utilizing Communication to Enhance Public Health in the Western Pacific Region

Public health is a critical area of concern in today’s digital age, and strategic communication plays an essential role in achieving its goals. The ability to plan, execute, and assess interventions that persuade governments to adopt policies that improve the well-being of individuals, empower healthcare professionals to provide optimal care, and influence individuals to take steps to safeguard and better their health as well as that of their families and communities is crucial.

The Regional Action Framework on Communication for Health (C4H) is designed to help Member States adopt the C4H approach. This framework provides guidance to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Member States on how to utilize C4H effectively to achieve common public health objectives in the Western Pacific region. With its emphasis on expertise, skills, and resources needed for effective communication, the C4H approach can be a valuable tool for improving public health outcomes.

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