Camden County Takes Action: Promoting Safe Gun Storage During Public Health Week

Commissioners Host Gun Safety Presentation for Public Health Week

In Camden County, the Board of Commissioners hosted a presentation on gun storage during Public Health Week. The presentation, titled BeSMART for Kids: Safe Storage Saves Lives, aimed to educate both gun owners and non-gun owners about the importance of having conversations about safe storage practices. Commissioner Virginia Betteridge, who serves as the liaison to the Department of Health and Human Services, emphasized the significance of safe gun storage as a fundamental aspect of responsible gun ownership.

She stressed that it is crucial for everyone to know how to have these conversations, even those who do not own guns themselves. This is because children may come into contact with firearms in the homes of friends or family members who do own them. By starting this conversation in Camden County, the hope is to raise awareness about the importance of safe gun storage practices and encourage open dialogue about these issues.

The timing of the presentation during Public Health Week was deliberate as it provided an opportunity to promote safe gun storage in conjunction with overall community health. The Board of Commissioners in Camden County hopes that by addressing this issue head-on and encouraging open dialogue about safe storage practices, they can contribute to a safer environment for everyone.

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