Building a Brighter Future: How AWS, SWE and ACM Combined Forces to Boost Student Interest in Cloud Technology

Students majoring in Computer Science participate in Amazon’s coding challenge

Recently, the Computer Science Graduate Professional Development Club hosted a successful student coding challenge at the ATLAS institute. This event was co-sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers, Women at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Association for Computing Machinery. The challenge showcased industry professionals using cloud technology to solve problems and offered prizes and networking opportunities to attendees.

One of the attendees, second-year computer science master’s student Shakshi Parekh, found the welcoming atmosphere to be particularly valuable in learning more about AWS. Ramya Mikkilineni, a mentor from AWS, appreciated the opportunity to share knowledge with the new generation and showcase how new technology can be used to solve complex problems.

The coding challenge provided a platform for students to network, share resumes and gain insights on internship and job prospects. Anirudh Kalghatkar, another computer science master’s student, was excited about learning new skills and making connections with industry professionals at the event.

Organizing such an event required meticulous planning and persistence from the Computer Science Graduate Professional Development Club. Vice-chair Sriranga Ramaswamy was rewarded by the turnout of over 50 attendees and enjoyed seeing how his hard work had paid off in creating an engaging and informative event for everyone involved.

Amit Gupta, another mentor from AWS, emphasized the importance of learning from students as they represent the future of the industry. He encouraged attendees to embrace new technology with open minds and work towards building a mutually beneficial relationship with those around them in order to drive innovation forward in their respective fields.

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