Bringing Science to Life: The Da Vinci Science Center Opens Its Doors in Allentown

Opening Date Announced for Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown

After years of planning and construction, the new Da Vinci Science Center is set to open in downtown Allentown. Located at the PPL Pavilion, the center will be a unique addition to the Lehigh Valley community. The 67,000-square foot facility will offer visitors interactive experiences that are both educational and entertaining.

The center’s mission is to bring science to life and inspire people to explore their curiosity, just like Leonardo da Vinci did. The new location will feature classrooms, laboratories, and interactive workshops for visitors of all ages to enjoy. From exploring the human body to getting up close with North American River Otters in the Pocono Ravine, there will be plenty of hands-on activities to engage in.

One of the main attractions at the center is the City Center Gallery, an 8,000-square foot space that will house exhibits focused on dinosaurs. The first exhibit titled “Dinos Alive!” will showcase fascinating facts about these prehistoric creatures. Visitors can also expect to learn more about other scientific topics through various exhibits and workshops.

Executive Director Lin Erickson expressed excitement about welcoming the community to their new premier science center. She stated that it was their goal to bring science to life and make it accessible for everyone in the area. Tickets for the new center will go on sale mid-April and more information can be found on their website at

As they prepare for their move from Cedar Crest College to downtown Allentown, visitors are encouraged to visit one last time before they close down on April 1st

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