Brighton High School Science Olympiad Team Thrilled with First-Place Finish in Scrambler Event

BHS Claims Top Spot in Scrambler Event at State Science Olympiad

The Brighton High School Science Olympiad team had a standout performance at the Michigan Science Olympiad held at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo over the weekend. Despite finishing in the middle of the pack overall, they excelled in the Scrambler event, where they constructed a small car that traveled a distance of 6-12 meters. The students were ecstatic with their first-place finish, having put in countless hours of hard work to achieve this success.

Coach Shannan Pereira, an engineer by trade and a veteran coach of nine years at the high school and four years at Scranton Middle School, was proud of her team’s efforts. She commended both teams for their dedication and talent, highlighting their successes in specific events. In addition to their first-place finish in Scrambler, the Scranton Middle School team earned medals in two other events: sixth place in Pentathlon and seventh place in Dynamic Planets.

Pereira emphasized the importance of hard work and representing one’s school against top teams in the state. Both teams showcased their skills and passion for science at the competition, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

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