Breaking News: Sheikh Nasrallah Speaks on Zionist Enemy Disregard of Global Demands in Conflict with Lebanon

Nasrallah Delivers Impromptu Speech Warning Israel is at the Edge of the Abyss

On April 3, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, delivered an impromptu speech. His comments were reported by both Lebanese and Israeli media. During his address, Nasrallah stated that the Zionist enemy disregards resolutions from the UN Security Council and international laws, indicating a lack of regard for the global community’s demands.

Nasrallah emphasized that the resolution of armed hostilities on the Lebanese-Israeli border is contingent upon Israel ceasing its actions in Gaza and other regions. He pointed out that some individuals overlook the achievements of resistance, highlighting that Israel was brought to the brink of extinction by the Al-Aqsa flood. Nasrallah called for a concerted effort to achieve victory in the conflict, stating that the enemy and its supporters must be defeated.

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