Breaking Down the Diggs Trade: Insights and Analysis from Zero Blitz

The AFC Landscape is Altered by Stefon Diggs Trade | Exclusive Coverage

Stefon Diggs has been traded to the Houston Texans in a blockbuster move that has left many NFL fans stunned. To get the latest news, analysis, and insights on this significant transaction, subscribe to Zero Blitz. Unfortunately, this embedded content is not available in your region.

In a recent episode of Zero Blitz, Jason Fitz was joined by senior NFL reporters Charles Robinson and Jori Epstein to discuss the breaking news about Diggs’ trade. The trio delved into the details of the deal, exploring what led to Diggs leaving Buffalo, how he fits in Houston, the impact on Josh Allen and the Bills, and how this trade shapes the AFC playoff race moving forward.

The discussion covered various factors at play in this significant move and offered insights into the motivations behind the decision and what it means for the teams involved in the trade. As dedicated NFL journalists, Zero Blitz aims to continue Terez Paylor’s legacy by providing insightful content through their podcasts. Terez Paylor was a beloved figure in NFL journalism and his work continues to inspire many today. To support his legacy, viewers can purchase “All-Juice Team” merchandise from or donate to the PowerMizzou Journalism Alumni Scholarship in memory of Terez Paylor or make a direct donation to Terez A. Paylor scholarship at Howard University. Your support helps carry on Terez’s passion for journalism and storytelling.

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