Breaking Down Barriers: ILGA World Database Offers Comprehensive LGBTI Maps and Insights into Global Human Rights Landscape

A Global Perspective on LGBTI Human Rights: Mapping Progress on IDAHOBIT 2024

The ILGA World Database provides a range of LGBTI maps that go beyond the selection mentioned earlier. These interactive and regularly updated maps offer a comprehensive look at the human rights of LGBTI people worldwide. By focusing on sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression, as well as sex characteristics (SOGIESC), these maps help shed light on important issues facing the LGBTI community.

The database covers over 100 topics and provides valuable insights into how international human rights mechanisms address SOGIESC issues. From the Universal Periodic Review to Treaty Bodies and Special Procedures within the United Nations, these maps provide a thorough understanding of the global landscape of LGBTI rights.

To access the ILGA World Database and explore these informative maps further, visit their website today. Stay informed and engaged with the latest developments in LGBTI rights around the world through the comprehensive resources available on the ILGA World Database.

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