Blue Wire Expands Its Media Empire with Athlete-Led Podcasts and Diversifies Content Offerings

Cam Newton and J.R. Smith are the newest athletes to join Blue Wire network with their own podcasts

Blue Wire has recently expanded its roster by adding a class of athlete-led podcasts featuring Cam Newton, J.R. Smith, and Lou Williams. The network has signed commercial partnerships with Newton’s “Funky Friday” and “4th & 1,” as well as Smith and Stephen Malbon’s “Par 3 Podcast,” Williams and Spank Horton’s “The Underground Lounge,” and Learfield’s “Varsity Podcast Network.” Other podcasts included in the network’s lineup are Pat Mayo’s “Mayo Media Network” and “The Kevin Sheehan Show,” totaling 250 podcasts.

Blue Wire aims to work with athletes looking to grow a media business and monetize their content, while also expanding its activation capabilities for brand partners in verticals such as NFL, NBA, NCAA, and golf. Founder and CEO Kevin Jones highlighted the importance of YouTube as an additional driver for podcasts, noting that the platform’s algorithm assists with discoverability and attracting consumer traffic. Advertisers are also showing interest in combining sponsorship packages on YouTube.

In 2023, Blue Wire secured a seven-figure investment from Decathlon Capital Partners. However, specific details of the revenue-based investment package were not disclosed. The expansion of Blue Wire’s roster aligns with its vision for growth in video content, which will allow it to diversify its content offerings, collaborate with like-minded creators, and adapt to the changing preferences of its audience in a dynamic and competitive industry.

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