Beyond Self-Care: Tackling Systemic Barriers to Wellness through Collective Resistance

Event Explores Importance of Self-Care and Rest in Mental Health Equity

The program discussion revolved around the various barriers to wellness that exist at individual, institutional, and structural levels. The impact of white supremacy, capitalism, generational trauma, and other factors was explored as impediments to well-being.

Attendees engaged in critical thinking and reflection on these barriers, acknowledging that many challenges are rooted in societal structures that can be particularly burdensome for queer, trans, Black, indigenous women, and people of color. Narvaez emphasized the importance of considering the broader social context that affects individual wellness.

Participants collectively brainstormed ways to redefine traditional notions of self-care, which Narvaez noted have been overly commercialized and associated with consumerism rather than genuine care for oneself. This exercise was a new and thought-provoking one for many attendees.

Narvaez encouraged a shift towards a collectivist approach to self-care and rest, drawing inspiration from a quote by bell hooks about the importance of creating communities of resistance. This idea resonated with attendees as they explored the notion of finding support and solidarity in a shared experience of well-being and healing.

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