Behind the Scenes: The Rise of Microsoft’s Smartphone Strategy and the Battle for Dominance

Kin: Microsoft’s Answer to the Latest iPhone and Android Phones in 2008

In the early 20th century, iOS operating systems for iPhones and Android smartphones emerged with the iconic HTC Dream. In response, Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Kin, a product that is often overlooked but marked the beginning of the smartphone era. During this time, smartphone giants like Apple, Google, and Samsung were all competing for dominance in the market.

Microsoft had been in the mobile device industry for some time with its Windows Mobile devices. However, following the release of the iPhone, Microsoft began working on ‘Microsoft Pink’ or ‘Project Pink’. This project was led by J Allard, while another team, led by Andy Lees, was working on Windows Phone. These teams had different visions for Microsoft’s mobile strategy, leading to internal conflicts within the company.

Eventually, Lees’ team won out

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