BEFAST: The Key to Saving Brain Function During a Stroke

How to Use the BEFAST Method to Prevent Stroke in our latest Podcast

The UConn Health Pulse Podcast features three experts from UConn Health’s Stroke Center who discuss recognizing, reacting to, treating, and recovering from stroke. Dr. Priya Narwal, interim medical director of UConn Health’s Stroke Center, emphasizes the importance of calling 911 and having EMS respond to a suspected stroke. Not only can they recognize the symptoms and determine if it is a stroke, but they can also alert the hospital to activate a stroke alert for faster treatment.

In the podcast, Dr. Priya Narwal, Brooke Medel (stroke nurse navigator), and Kristen Bryant (interim stroke coordinator) discuss the comprehensive care provided during a stroke emergency. They also delve into the long-term support and rehabilitation that are necessary for recovery after a stroke.

Ultimately, the experts stress the importance of following the BEFAST mnemonic to save brain function during a stroke. This includes recognizing Balance issues, Eyesight changes, Face drooping, Arm weakness, Speech difficulties, and the need for Time to call for help. By being aware of these signs and acting quickly, individuals can improve their chances of a positive outcome after experiencing a stroke.

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