Bears Bolster Roster with Talented Rookie Signings: Meet the Six Players who Earned Spots After Impressive Minicamp Tryouts

Six new players signed by Bears including Freddie Swain and Tommy Sweeney

Over the weekend, the Bears announced that six players had earned spots on the team after completing their rookie minicamp. The signings reflect the Bears’ efforts to bolster their roster with talented players who have shown promise during the tryout.

Among those signed were wide receiver Freddie Swain, tight end Tommy Sweeney, wide receiver John Jackson, cornerback Leon Jones, defensive tackle Dashaun Mallory, and linebacker Paul Moala. Swain brings experience to the Bears with 38 catches for 502 yards and six touchdowns in 33 games for the Seahawks in 2020 and 2021. Sweeney played in 24 games for the Bills between 2019 and 2022 but missed last season after collapsing during a training camp practice while with the Giants. Jackson played alongside Bears first-round pick Caleb Williams at USC in 2022 and went undrafted last month along with the other three players.

The signings reflect the Bears’ efforts to add depth to their roster with players who have shown promise during the tryout. Each player brings their own unique skill set to the team, and their contributions will be valuable as the Bears prepare for the upcoming season. It is clear that the Bears saw potential in these players and are excited to see how they will perform on the field.

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