Baker Hughes and Snam Collaborate to Deploy Novel Fuel-Flexible Turbocompressors in the Adriatic Line Pipeline Project

Snam chooses Baker Hughes’ hydrogen-compatible technology for its natural gas network

Snam, an Italian energy infrastructure company, has awarded Baker Hughes, a U.S. energy technology company, a contract to provide three turbocompressors driven by NovaLT12 gas turbine technology for a new gas compressor station in Sulmona, Italy. This technology offers fuel flexibility of up to a 10% hydrogen blend with natural gas. The station is part of the Adriatic Line, a Snam pipeline project that involves the construction of a 425-kilometer-long hydrogen-ready pipeline to transport additional energy supplies from Azerbaijan, Africa, and the Eastern Mediterranean region to northern Europe.

The collaboration between Snam and Baker Hughes dates back to 2020 when they were involved in testing the world’s first ‘hybrid’ hydrogen turbine designed for a gas network and installing a NovaLT12 turbine at Snam’s Istrana, Italy site in November 2022. The adoption of Baker Hughes NovaLT12 turbines, which can run on natural gas or hydrogen blends up to 10%, is a significant milestone in decarbonizing the Italian gas network infrastructure and aligns with Snam’s strategy to achieve carbon neutrality on direct emissions by 2040.

Ganesh Ramaswamy, Executive Vice President of Industrial & Energy Technology at Baker Hughes, emphasized the importance of continuous partnership in the energy transition. Collaboration with customers and partners is essential for developing innovative technology solutions like the NovaLT12 that support the decarbonization of energy ecosystems and the creation of a hydrogen economy while ensuring an affordable and secure energy supply. In January 2024, Baker Hughes shared updates on its active hydrogen projects, including a new hydrogen testing facility in Florence, Italy

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