Augusta National Women’s Amateur Boosts Local Businesses and Enhances the Tournament Experience in Columbia County

Golfers Boost Business in Columbia County

In its fifth year, the Augusta National Women’s Amateur is bringing two weeks of golf and increased attention to Columbia County. Located at Champion’s Retreat, the tournament is shining a spotlight on local businesses, from coffee shops to restaurants, as visitors flock to the area.

As a result of this influx of visitors, businesses like Ironwood Tavern and Vampire Penguin are experiencing a surge in customers. Employees at these establishments are excited about the increase in business and the opportunity to meet new people. Ironwood Tavern, located just minutes away from the course, has learned to prepare better each year, ordering extra supplies to accommodate the influx of patrons.

Rooted Coffee, a popular spot for morning pick-me-ups, is seeing a steady stream of golf enthusiasts grabbing a drink or snack before hitting the course. The increased business is not only beneficial for these businesses but also enhances the experience for the patrons who get to enjoy a taste of local offerings while attending the tournament in Columbia County.

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