Apple Unveils AI-Powered iPads with M4 Chipset in San Francisco Event

Apple introduces new iPads with upgraded M1 chips for enhanced AI capabilities

In an event in San Francisco, Apple unveiled a range of new iPads that showcased their potential for artificial intelligence features. The company highlighted the M4 chipset in its Pro models, which includes a more powerful “neural engine” to support AI and machine learning features. This neural engine has been part of Apple’s chips since 2017 but has seen significant improvements in power and performance over the years.

Apple’s vice president of platform architecture, Tim Millet, stated that the M4’s neural engine is capable of performing an impressive 38 trillion operations per second. This is more than double the operations per second compared to the base-level M3 chipset found in other Apple devices like the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac. These advancements in AI capabilities are a key focus for Apple as it seeks to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

The new M4 chipset also includes other enhancements such as an improved display with a higher resolution and better color accuracy. Additionally, Apple introduced a new iPad mini with a larger screen size and improved performance.

Overall, Apple’s introduction of these new iPads highlights its commitment to staying at the forefront of technology innovation. With its powerful neural engine and other advanced features, these devices are poised to help users take advantage of AI capabilities to enhance their productivity and creativity.

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